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Stof tot Stof
“Oor dor maretla’s tril die son vandag weer eens so erg
van douvoordag tot koperskemer oor die berg.

Die grond skeur oop, bars breed in uitgerekte sug:
Geen wind, geen wolk, geen reëngerug in gloeiblou lug.”
“Droogte by die Molopo” – CS Steenkamp

The year 2016 will be documented as one of the worst drought years ever experienced in South Africa. The earth is scorched and trampled to dust and the dams are empty; only mud is seeping through. The farmers are feeling the pinch and many do not bother to try to find and pick up thirsty and weakened cattle lying down in the dust. The fields are lying fallow and the desperate cry for water and feed is heard across the plains. South African farmers have been brought to their knees and although a few drops of rain have brought some relief, the damages suffered are huge and those in need still call for relief.

Four photographers have explored the arid roads of our country to document the drought on film – not for sensation, but to make our fellow citizens aware of what is actually going on. A drought such as this could have vast consequences for South Africans in rural as well as in urban areas. A photograph of empty, fallow fields is a reflection of empty store shelves.

On 28 January 2016, a photo auction will be held by Solidarity to benefit the TAU Drought Fund. The auction focuses on corporates.  Bidding starts at R1000.  Any individual donations will be most welcome.

For more information on the photo auction or to view the photographs, send an email to

The public is invited to view the photos at the Atterbury Theatre on 28 January 2016 from 09:00 – 11:00.

To view the photo’s click here.

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