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Are you a health practitioner struggling with placement?
Solidarity is worried about the administrative inability of the Department of Health who aren’t following their procedural guidelines for the placing of medical practitioners for community service.
Read the Department’s placement guidelines here.

In July 2017, Solidarity obtained a verdict in the Pretoria High Court in a case on behalf of Dané Hertz when she wasn’t placed in a community service position after all three placement rounds expired. The Department of Health was ordered to place Hertz within 30 days of the ruling at the clinic where she originally applied.
Read Dané’s complete story here.

The case has created an important precedent that may soon be used as a crucial judgment to assist students that are currently experiencing similar problems.
When you report your complaint, you will be asked to complete an information form, after which you will be automatically registered as a Solidarity Youth member. Solidarity Youth membership is free and falls under a category of Solidarity membership for students and young people who aren’t in the service of an employer yet.
Solidarity undertake to evaluate your complaint and to give supporting documents to the Department of Health together with you.
After evaluation, Solidarity’s legal team will contact you to provide feedback and advice on the process ahead.
Registered Solidarity Youth members who handed in their complaints and received feedback, and have further queries, can direct it to
Notify us when your complaint existed.
Summarise the correspondence process between you and the Department: Which correspondence did you send when to the Department and which correspondence did you receive?
Explain where the process got stuck and where you are disadvantaged.
Please attach all supporting documents, i.e. all communication between you and the Department (national and provincial) as supporting documents. Please label each document clearly.
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