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Solidarity places a high premium on the health and safety of its members and of workers in general, and has established an Occupational Health and Safety Department which is dedicated to promote the health and safety of workers and to alleviate the negative consequences of occupational diseases and injuries.Solidarity is currently assisting approximately 800 members with their claims against the Compensation Fund. Solidarity is highly concerned about the slow progress that is being made in finalising these claims due to the total lack of service delivery from the office of the Compensation Commissioner.

The trade union has decided to take action against the Compensation Commissioner and this will take the form of an online protest campaign. Please participate in one of the following ways in the campaign:

  1. Send your petition letter to the Compensation Commissioner and the Minister of Labour. Click here.
  2. Send an SMS petition. SMS the word COMPENSATE to 34802. (An SMS costs R2.) Every SMS will count as a petition and Solidarity will forward it on your behalf.
  3. Like” Solidarity’s Facebook page and share our posts on the campaign with your friends. Click here.
  4. Tweet about the campaign and use #COMPENSATE.
  5. Tell your friends about the campaign.


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