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State should be accountable to its citizens
The Solidarity trade union today announced the establishment of a working group on accountability within the Solidarity Research Institute (SRI). The working group was established as a result of Solidarity’s growing concern regarding the overall lack of accountability within the government. The government’s handling of the Nkandla debacle is proof  ... Read more
14th CEE report as flawed as before
The 14th Commission for Employment Equity (CEE) report, released today at the Employment Equity and Transformation Indaba in Sandton, repeats similar errors and misrepresentations of data that the Solidarity Research Institute (SRI) has repeatedly drawn attention to before. The SRI will, after studying the latest report, once again release a  ... Read more
Mbalula’s race quotas for sports teams unlawful
Trade union Solidarity today said in a letter to Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula that his intention for national sports teams to field a quota of 60% black players is contrary to the Employment Equity Act that prohibits quotas. This comes after the media quoted Mbalula as saying that sports teams  ... Read more

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