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Several of Denel’s executive management have been implicated in large-scale corruption and fraud resulting in a loss of about R600 million. Denel is struggling to meet its financial obligations and it has indicated that a restructuring process affecting 600 – 700 Denel employees may lie ahead.

Solidarity has already sent an urgent communication in this regard to former minister Lynne Brown and appealed to her to launch an investigation into Denel’s executive management. Recovering the lost funds must be a priority in order to ensure job security for Denel employees since these funds will be enough to cover 25% of Denel’s salary bill. However, this communication has fallen on deaf ears.

Solidarity welcomes the appointment of Minister Pravin Gordhan, and we believe that an inquiry under his leadership will be given the necessary priority.

Please sign Solidarity’s petitions to put a stop to all restructuring processes pending the investigation into the misappropriation of funds and corruption by Denel’s executive management!

The petition is open to all Denel employees. Solidarity hopes to send a very strong message to Minister Gordhan.

Please ask your colleagues to participate in the petition.
Honourable Minister Gordhan

It is unfair that my job security is at risk because of the dishonesty of Denel’s executive management. I insist that:
  1. No restructuring may take place before an investigation into Denel’s executive management has been conducted;
  2. Denel’s executive management cannot be trusted to implement a fair restructuring process since they have been implicated in unlawful activities and are clearly willing to let their employees bear the brunt of their actions.

Signed by:
Denel Afleggings
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