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Tuesday | 19 May | 2020 Lockdown: Denel cannot afford salaries

Solidarity had a meeting with Denel on 18 May after receiving communication from Denel indicating that it would not be possible for the arms manufacturer to pay employee’s salaries at the end of May.   “The current lockdown measures are aggravating the situation in which Denel already finds itself. As  … Read more

Tuesday | 20 August | 2019 Denel: High Court victory for Solidarity

Solidarity welcomes the High Court ruling that the arms manufacturer Denel must fulfil its statutory obligations to its employees on an urgent basis. Denel will now be compelled by the court to pay over the unemployment insurance and the taxes deducted from employees’ salaries over several months.   It is  … Read more

Wednesday | 31 July | 2019 Solidarity shows Denel a tax fist

By Dr Dirk Hermann, Solidarity Chief Operating Officer South Africa has recently been bombarded by state capture, ailing state enterprises and mismanagement. Billions of rands of tax money have been squandered. It’s not government’s money that has been squandered, but our money, ordinary taxpayers’ money. Its extent is just so  … Read more

Wednesday | 31 July | 2019 Solidarity tackles Denel head-on

Solidarity today served urgent court documents on the struggling arms manufacturer Denel to force the company to pay the unemployment insurance levy and taxes that had been deducted from employees’ salaries. Solidarity also launched a process in terms of section 165 of the Companies Act to investigate the mismanagement and  … Read more

Sunday | 28 July | 2019 Solidarity shakes a tax fist

The Solidarity NetWork announced that it would kick-off a comprehensive and lawful tax protest campaign this week. This protest includes at least six legal actions against state enterprises and tax plunderers. The actions include, among others, an application for business rescue of SAA. According to Solidarity, the SAA case would  … Read more

Monday | 22 July | 2019 Solidarity forced to take legal action against Denel

Solidarity is irate after Denel informed workers that their July salary might not be paid on time. “ Not paying salaries on time must be is totally unacceptable and we condemn it. The implications are immense and far-reaching and Solidarity is ready for the fight,” said Helgard Cronjé, Solidarity’s Sector  … Read more

Thursday | 18 July | 2019 Denel Pension Fund: uncertainty reigns

Solidarity has been informed by Denret that it had not yet received payment of pension monies and, consequently, Solidarity demanded proof of payment from Denel. Denel management yesterday said at a meeting with unions that outstanding pension contributions had been paid in full, and that they were now in the  … Read more

Thursday | 11 July | 2019 Denel plunges employees into new financial crisis

Solidarity today expressed its concern about the non-payment scandal currently plunging Denel employees further into a financial crisis. According to a letter to employees, pension fund contributions for the month of June were deducted from their salaries, but the contributions were not paid over to the pension fund. “There is  … Read more

Friday | 28 June | 2019 Solidarity serves demand: Denel to take legal action

Solidarity today served a demand under section 165 of the Companies Act on Denel to take legal action against individuals who were responsible for, or who were party to the financial predicament the company finds itself in. This comes after various irregularities were brought to Denel’s attention in Solidarity’s Denel  … Read more

Wednesday | 26 June | 2019 Denel employees still uncertain about future salaries

Although an anonymous credit provider has emerged to assist Denel with the payment of the outstanding portion of its June 2019 salary bill, it is not a sustainable solution. Solidarity remains extremely concerned about Denel’s short-term financial position. This is the situation after Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan announced during  … Read more

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