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Denel Petisie

Solidarity and its members must take stand

Solidarity is of the view that, whilst Denel is unable to conduct normal day-to-day business, the Board and the Shareholder are required to intervene urgently and make the necessary key strategic decisions to save Denel employees from losing their income or jobs. In the light of the recent short-payment of September salaries to Senior Managers and Specialist Employees, Solidarity is very concerned that the same group of employees are repeatedly prejudiced by decisions made on their behalf by the Group Executive. Solidarity and other trade unions are further concerned that Denel will be unable to honour all future salary and other payments due to its employees over the following months.

Solidarity and its members are taking a stand against the lack of urgency from the Board and Shareholder to save Denel from financial distress. The aftermath of gross mismanagement is now left to be faced by loyal employees which cannot be condoned.

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