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“Mr Gore

You believe it is a good thing to exclude me simply because of the colour of my skin. While my money seems to be good enough for your business, my skin colour apparently is not.

This comes down to absolute exclusion based on race. This is racism. It is practicing double standards, and it is wrong.

Revisit your plans and do away with the race only criterion”.
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The Head of the Discovery Group, Adrian Gore, announced that 10% of the shares in this well-known group’s new bank will be handed out for free, and it will be done simply on the basis of race. Discovery is doing it because, according to them, “it’s a very good thing to do”.

Skin colour determines your value as far as Discovery is concerned. The absurdity is that a black millionaire will be rewarded while a white hobo will be excluded – because “it’s a very good thing to do”.

As far as we are concerned, racism is not “a good thing”. We dare not go along with double standards disguised as “good deeds”. Discovery says they want to consult.

Let’s swamp Adrian Gore with thousands of voices saying that racism and double standards are wrong; that all South African citizens must get equal treatment; that we want a normal country without racial exclusion.
Make yourself heard! Discovery wants to exclude you because you’re too white. Your skin colour determines your value. Say it’s wrong! Send a letter to Discovery’s CEO

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