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Eskom is facing implosion. If there is not a prompt and drastic intervention, this energy giant will not exist by April anymore.

Eskom’s struggle to maintain operational sustainability threatens to bring the country’s economy to collapse. One of Eskom’s major challenges is a lack of vital skills to maintain and operate it successfully

Solidarity wants to step in to ensure South Africa’s lights stay on. We want to furnish Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan with a database of scarce skills that exist among Eskom’s former workforce (including engineers, technicians and other competent former employees).

We would really like to see a turnaround at this former proud institution.

Now is the time to raise your hand and to be of help! We ask all former Eskom employees who want to make sure the lights stay on and that South Africa does not plunge into darkness to contact us.
Eskom Kennis 2019

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