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Is chocolate good or bad for me?

Marli Naidoo   When I am enjoying a delicious piece of chocolate, I don’t give two hoots as to whether it’s good or bad for me. I just enjoy every piece melting sweetly in my mouth. It’s that guilty feeling following later that led me to investigate so as to  … Read more

Curb your food cravings

The urge for something sweet or salty can hit you for lots of reasons: an afternoon lull, a light or early dinner, or even boredom. But you can do some things to get past it, or better yet, stop it before it starts.   Leave it at the store If  … Read more

Top 6 winter weight loss rules

Glynis Horning     Shorter, colder days can make it feel impossible to get out and exercise (oh, the excuses we all come up with!), and it’s tempting to indulge in sweet, stodgy foods to warm up and feel comforted. But with these indulgences comes the unfortunate weight gain. Make  … Read more

Exercise and drive away the winter blues

Most of us neglect exercising during winter when frigid temperatures force us to stay indoors and snuggle up. Summer time, with its long sunny days that make us feel much less inhibited, are undoubtedly much more conducive to running, cycling and going to the gym. All manner of illnesses also  … Read more

Easy, tasty on-the-go race nutrition tips

You’ve trained like a champion and your body is ready and able to take on the big race. Now all you have to do is make sure that you consistently fuel your body with healthy energy to keep you going strong. Here are some easy, tasty on-the-go race nutrition tips.  … Read more

How to stay fit with your family

Candice Reichlin   We know you don’t have loads of spare time and energy and you don’t want to have to choose between your workout and your family time. Which is cool, because you can do both. And while you’re at it, you’ll show your kids what an active lifestyle  … Read more

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