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Should your credit card retire when you do?

Karla Bowsher Hopefully you have put — or will someday put — a lot of thought and financial planning into the timing of your retirement. But have you thought about how you will spend money as a retiree? For example, about one-third of baby boomers — people between the ages  … Read more

How to stay on track with 2017’s financial goals

Thandi Ngwane   With 2017 in full swing, make sure you stick to your new year’s resolutions when it comes to your personal finances with the five-point checklist below. 2017 is the year you made a new year’s resolution to take control of your personal finances. So you set yourself  … Read more

Shop for groceries like an economist

Amy Heydenrych   Your grocery bill is influenced by more than just your chocolate cravings. Droughts, the strength of the rand and other factors have an impact on the number at the end of your grocery bill. However, some planning and smart decisions will not only help you save on  … Read more

Stay safe while shopping online

Last year, online retail in South Africa reached 1% of overall retail, that’s R9 billion, according to online research company World Wide Worx. This might seem negligible, but the sector has shown a growth rate of above 20% since the start of the 2000s. What’s holding people back from online  … Read more

How to save money on clothes

Tinus Vollgraaff   Research has shown that South Africans are responding to the downturn in the economy, depreciating Rand and less disposable income by buying more local clothes. Clothes, like food, is one of the most basic human necessities. Alas, they don’t last forever. As they shrink and wear out,  … Read more

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