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JOIN SOLIDARITY TODAYHow to become a member of the Solidarity family:
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COST:Solidarity is building a plan of hope for the future with every rand Solidarity’s membership fees will increase on1 March 2015. A world of membership benefits are waiting for you in 2015. Solidarity’s membership fees for both individual and collective members will increase by 7,8%. Call 0861 25 24 23
Solidarity membership fees for 2015 : Individual members – R104
Collective members – R101
WHY TRADE UNION MEMBERSHIP?People pay hundreds of rands per month for short term insurance. That is in the event of an accident or if something should get stolen. You do not need it every day, and yet you have it because you cannot afford to be without it. Is your job not more important than a TV or a cellphone?

Many things occur daily in the workplace for which employees might suddenly need advice on labour law. Solidarity has the biggest labour law practice in South Africa, with three specialised divisions.

Solidarity strives to make South Africa’s places of work healthier and safer. Solidarity has a specialised division that assists employees injured on duty, or with an occupational disease, with the claims process at the Compensation Commissioner. This division investigates many cases where accidents actually occur in and at the workplace and makes suggestions to reduce safety risks. Solidarity’s General Litigation and Labour Court divisions handle as many as 2 500 cases at any given time on behalf of both individual and collective members. The most common queries and cases handled by the trade union are cases of unfair affirmative action and discrimination, disciplinary hearings, and cases of unfair dismissal, retrenchments, as well as providing labour law advice regarding basic conditions of employment.

  • Collective members
    Employees who work for big companies with whom Solidarity already has a collective agreement, or who work for companies serviced in a group context are considered as collective by Solidarity. Collective members’ union membership fees are deducted directly from their salaries by the employer and paid to Solidarity.
  • Individual members
    Solidarity is the only trade union in South Africa that has a dedicated division for individual members. Individual members are employees at companies with whom Solidarity does not have recognition agreements and where members are not served in a group context. Individual members’ union membership fees are deducted directly from the employee’s bank account via a debit order.

VALUE FOR MONEYEveryone at Solidarity works zealously and dreams about expanding opportunities for education and training ever further. As part of the annual membership fee increase for Solidarity members, special focus is placed on the funding of educational initiatives and bursary funds.
CANCELLATIONS:Cancellation of Solidarity membership is subject to 30 days’ written notice that should be submitted directly to the trade union.

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