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Wednesday | 20 January | 2021 Let’s debunk WhatsApp’s new conditions

By Luisa van der Linde Last week, South Africans have been bombarded by requests from friends, family and acquaintances to delete WhatsApp and to rather download other mobile applications after this messaging service announced that its terms and conditions would change. In true South African fashion jokes started circulating almost  … Read more

Wednesday | 20 January | 2021 Lower interest rates bad news for rental properties

By Reon Janse van Rensburg According to the latest Rode Report, a quarterly report on the state of the South African real estate market published by the property valuation group Rode & Associates, there has been an increase in the number of approved home loans since July last year, especially  … Read more

Tuesday | 19 January | 2021 Ceres farmer provides solar energy for farm and town

By Reon Janse van Rensburg If you are one of the many South Africans who work at your desk in the guest room or even  the dining room or kitchen table during the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, it would be wise to pay attention to Eskom’s latest announcement  … Read more

Monday | 18 January | 2021 Impact of closed schools and lack of technology on learners

By Reon Janse van Rensburg  In 2020 the world as we knew it experienced a sudden and dramatic disruption. It was not only the workplace that had to adapt overnight. If you know any person who has children, you will know that schools too had to adapt overnight to adjust  … Read more

Thursday | 14 January | 2021 A South African device provides oxygen in hospitals

By Reon Janse van Rensburg A proudly South African device, known as OxERA (oxygen-efficient respiratory aid), is now used in hospitals for the treatment of Covid-19 patients. The device which administers oxygen to patients, and which can also prevent collapsed lungs in Covid-19 patients, is of great help in hospitals  … Read more

Thursday | 14 January | 2021 Covid vaccine: Solidarity worried about healthcare workers

By Reon Janse van Rensburg According to the National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD), nearly 500 healthcare workers have died from Covid-19 since 5 March 2020. The NICD also mentioned that since the start of the pandemic, 5 424 healthcare workers have been admitted to hospitals of which 846 have  … Read more

Wednesday | 13 January | 2021 Return safely to work amidst rising Covid infections

Covid-19: Solidarity’s 10-point plan for a safe workplace By Reon Janse van Rensburg We kicked off 2020 in a normal way with the usual traditions. However, on the news there were reports of a strange virus who made its appearance in China, yet amidst many other news reports and challenges  … Read more

Wednesday | 13 January | 2021 World Bank, economists warn of drastic revenue drop for SA

By Reon Janse van Rensburg According to the World Bank’s Global Economic Prospects Report published earlier this month, the South African economy is expected to recover by 3,3% in 2021 and return to an “near potential pace” of 1,7% in 2022. This is after the South African economy shrank by  … Read more

Tuesday | 12 January | 2021 Level 3 of national lockdown to continue – with adjustments

By Reon Janse van Rensburg On Monday 11 January 2021 Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the country would remain on level 3 of the national lockdown and that the regulations announced on 28 December would be extended. Ramaphosa announced that some adjustments would, however, be made to level 3 to  … Read more

Tuesday | 15 December | 2020 Solidarity members triumph over bullying tactics

In a year where retrenchments and reduced salaries almost became the norm, Solidarity succeeded in securing jobs and salaries on behalf of its members. This victory was the result of Solidarity and its members who together took a stand and refused to give in to the bullying tactics of ArcelorMittal  … Read more

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