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Tuesday | 11 August | 2020 Protect your job during biggest workforce fluctuations

Background for Solidarity recruitment campaign in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis The virus is reaching its peak. People are sick and suffering. However, the economic consequences are even more destructive than the virus. The peak of the economic crisis still lies ahead. It is a peak that will last  … Read more

Friday | 07 August | 2020 Is your child protected in the workplace?

By Lize-Mari Labuschagne Your child has just finished school or completed their studies. Interview after interview he or she tackled the process of finding a job and in this way took one of the biggest steps on their career journey. Your child is now ready to soar, but make sure  … Read more

Thursday | 06 August | 2020 Denel: Day of reckoning has arrived

By Reon Janse van Rensburg Earlier this week, state-owned arms manufacturer Denel was given only three days to pay the outstanding salaries of all Solidarity members in Denel’s employ. All salaries in arrears must be paid by Friday, 7 August. The order issued by Judge André van Niekerk of the  … Read more

Wednesday | 05 August | 2020 Solidarity is more than just a trade union

The coronavirus pandemic and the strict lockdown measures is putting 3 million South African jobs in danger, and if the recovery period takes any longer there can be even more jobs in danger. Worst case scenario the unemployment rate may rise above 50%. According to Dirk Hermann, Chief Executive of  … Read more

Thursday | 30 July | 2020 Employment bloodbath: Millions of jobs at stake

By Reon Janse van Rensburg The national treasury has warned of a bloodbath in which millions of working South Africans could be caught. The bloodbath, which is likely to cause irreparable damage to the lives of many South Africans, is a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the national  … Read more

Thursday | 30 July | 2020 A blow for hunters and the game industry

By Reon Janse van Rensburg Environment, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Barbara Creecy on Tuesday announced new regulations that will make hunting extremely difficult for hunters. In terms of the regulations which have already been published in the Government Gazette, hunting is only allowed in the province in which the hunter  … Read more

Tuesday | 28 July | 2020 Teachers embark on virtual cycling tour to save jobs

By Reon Janse van Rensburg It is estimated that up to 150 000 teachers and other school staff are appointed by school governing bodies. These occupational orientated people, who fulfil various functions and roles at schools, play an extremely important role in pupils’ school careers as well as the optimal functioning  … Read more

Thursday | 23 July | 2020 Tourism industry: The effect of the lockdown

By Reon Janse van Rensburg South Africans love travelling and need no excuse to collect unforgettable memories. Whether it is a quick getaway with a Friday becoming part of the weekend or a carefully planned and well-deserved December holiday somewhere at the South African coast or in the arid Bushveld,  … Read more

Monday | 20 July | 2020 State’s national health a disgrace

Shocking and disgraceful, and a feeling of heartfelt sympathy for the victims, is the reaction that comes to mind when one sees and reads about the condition of state hospitals as reported by the BBC and others. It was reported that doctors and nurses at, among others, Livingstone Hospital in  … Read more

Friday | 17 July | 2020 A campus is built thanks to your support!

It is with great excitement that Solidarity announces that the national lockdown will not prevent the Sol-Tech Occupational Training College’s campus from opening its doors in 2021. Building was continued in the second week of June and according to the Managing Director of Sol-Tech, Paul van Deventer, the builders are  … Read more

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