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Monday | 20 May | 2019 An open letter to Mr. Panyaza Lesufi

Dear Mr Lesufi During the past two weeks you have made many statements regarding the application process for children who will be in Grade 1 and Grade 8 next year. More evident than the children you would like to accommodate, is the ideology and language you want to enforce at  … Read more

Friday | 17 May | 2019 Youth unemployment rate reaches crisis levels

This week Solidarity Youth, trade union Solidarity’s youth wing, together with the rest of the country learnt that the youth unemployment rate is now 55,2% according to the latest statistics. This percentage has gone up by 0,5% since the corresponding time last year. Solidarity Youth firmly believes that by letting  … Read more

Friday | 17 May | 2019 Victory for Paraplegic clerk against SAPS

By Mia Slabbert Gilbert Johannes (40) of Bredasdorp was an extremely competent sportsman at school before ending up in a wheelchair as a paraplegic following a head-on collision in 1994. The bargaining council for the safety and security sector (SSSBC) recently found – in favour of Johannes – that the  … Read more

Friday | 10 May | 2019 #Elections2019: The power of your vote causes reverberations

By Mia Slabbert With only a few hours until all the ballots in the 2019 election are counted, it is the smaller parties in this year’s national election that have caused the most eyebrows to raise from the word go. According to Dawie Roodt, chief economist at the Efficient Group,  … Read more

Friday | 03 May | 2019 Who should I vote for?

“The future is too precious to leave it to the government. Make your vote count!” That is how the Solidarity Movement encourages members to cast their votes to be of real weight and value. What are the Solidarity Movement’s views about the 2019 election? At a joint media conference held  … Read more

Monday | 29 April | 2019 VIDEO: WHAT?! A job that fills your pocket while you travel?

By Mia Slabbert Imagine this: You can travel all over the world while your wallet stays full by doing a job that you can complete daily in the comfort of your hotel room or a coffee shop. No, it doesn’t entail anything obscure. On the contrary, your profession eventually forms  … Read more

Friday | 12 April | 2019 WATCH: “Marketing is a passion, not just a job.’ – Marketer

#FocusonCareers: Marketing By Mia Slabbert When choosing a career in marketing, you must be ready for the adventure of a lifetime – you must display many personality traits to be able to adapt to all the different aspects of the profession. These can range from a week filled with exciting  … Read more

Tuesday | 09 April | 2019 WATCH: Technology allows doctors and patients to communicate

By Mia Slabbert The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is in the process of – together with a small business enterprise – developing world class technology that is aimed at reducing South Africa’s language barriers in several sectors to save more lives. AwezaMed is a technology-based initiative that  … Read more

Thursday | 04 April | 2019 “Between the public and reality – there I am.” – Journalist

By Mia Slabbert The true reality of news event ins South Africa is sometimes so cruel, that journalists have the responsibility to act as filter between reality and the final news report. Journalists stand directly in front of the tragedy, danger or chaos and need to process the information in  … Read more

Thursday | 04 April | 2019 Health care nearing crisis due to shortage of nursing staff

By Wilmarie Brits Nursing is a profession described by Florence Nightingale one of the finest of the Fine Arts. It is a profession characterised by an exceptional compassion for others and a willingness to learn. Unfortunately, nowadays it is also a thankless occupation where staff are overworked and demotivated, and  … Read more

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