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Friday | 07 December | 2018 A battle to the end against expropriation of land

By Mia Slabbert The battle against expropriation without compensation has started. This was the overwhelming feeling at Sakeliga’s summit held just one day after Parliament had accepted the Constitutional Review Committee’s report on reviewing section 25 of the Constitution. “The battle has begun. It is but the beginning, and it  … Read more

Monday | 26 November | 2018 Young, healthy and willing to work, but unwelcome

By Mia Slabbert “I am staying in Danville, and we don’t have much. I would like to work so that I can provide for my wife and children someday, but it is so difficult to get a job. There is no place for me anywhere.” This is Danie van der  … Read more

Thursday | 22 November | 2018 Discovery: White people sacrificed as peace offering

Discovery’s announcement that 10% of the Discovery Bank’s shares would be made available to black clients only has triggered major reaction on social media. Solidarity Chief Executive, Dr Dirk Hermann, addressed an open letter to Discovery CEO, Adrian Gore, to which the latter responded. Dr Hermann addressed a second open  … Read more

Wednesday | 21 November | 2018 Discovery is making me sick

Discovery CEO Adrian Gore announced that the Group would launch its Discovery Bank in March 2019. It caused a stir, especially on social media after it became known that the bank would give 10% of its shares to its black clients. In an open letter addressed to Gore, Solidarity Chief  … Read more

Monday | 19 November | 2018 The cost of South African universities

After campaigns such as #FeesMustFall the cost of South African universities was increasingly under the spotlight and for a while it had a major influence on universities, but costs have always been and will always be one of the biggest considerations when you are planning to send your child to  … Read more

Wednesday | 14 November | 2018 Solidarity’s occupational guilds a safe haven for employees

“The power of each other and not alone, was discovered in guilds. Because commoners were excluded from access to power and positions of powers, participation in the community became possible through occupational guilds. Guilds fulfilled the role of the middle man between the noble and the commoners.” Dr Dirk Hermann,  … Read more

Friday | 09 November | 2018 Solidarity reveals police capture by means of NSF project

More than 600 former members of the non-statutory forces – some of whom were as young as 18 in 1994 – are now being promoted in the SAPS as “veterans” under highly secret circumstances. “It simply does not make sense. This is blatant police capture,” Dr Dirk Hermann, Solidarity’s Chief  … Read more

Wednesday | 31 October | 2018 Solidarity commentary – 31 October 2018

Today in the news: “Strict laws needed to regulate churches” Solidarity’s opinion: The government shouldn’t interfere at churches too. The government already controls and determines so many aspects of our lives. Churches are community organisations and communities must be able to reflect on religious, moral and social matters by themselves.  … Read more

Thursday | 25 October | 2018 Mid-term budget will be remembered for what was not said

By Francois Redelinghuys After today’s mid-term budget speech the Solidarity Research Institute (SRI) said that reference to the ongoing land expropriation debate was conspicuously absent from the speech. “Despite the many ideas and plans that are being put together few tangible proposals that could improve the economic situation have been  … Read more

Tuesday | 16 October | 2018 Let’s bring Sandton to a standstill for one day

Friends It is time for us to say enough is enough. On 25 October 2018, the Solidarity Movement, with hundreds of Sasol employees and ordinary people like you and me, will stage a protest march against racial exclusion. We won’t be marching for ourselves; we will be marching especially for  … Read more

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