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Let’s bring Sandton to a standstill for one day

October 16th, 2018

Friends It is time for us to say enough is enough. On 25 October 2018, the Solidarity Movement, with hundreds of Sasol employees and ordinary people like you and me, will stage a protest march against racial exclusion. We won’t be marching for ourselves; we will be marching especially for  … Read more

Fuel prices: Will they ever stop rising?

October 3rd, 2018

By Morné Malan On Monday, 1 October, South Africans learned, if not with shock then indeed with anger, that fuel prices would reach the highest level in history by midnight tonight. Unleaded petrol (93 octane) will go up by 99c per litre, 95 octane will be R1.04 higher and diesel  … Read more

Solidarity’s Guild for Office Practitioners launched

September 27th, 2018

By Mia Slabbert The trade union Solidarity officially launched its Occupational Guild for Office Practitioners this week. This guild is aimed at training administrative officials in various fields, and to ensure that they are properly equipped to face the challenges in the workplace. The guild is part of continuous learning  … Read more

Solidarity welcomes release of new Mining Charter

September 27th, 2018

Solidarity welcomes the new Mining Charter which has finally been released today by Gwede Mantashe, Minister of Mineral Resources, after three years of uncertainty on what the contents would be. According to Solidarity General Secretary, Gideon du Plessis, the contents of the Mining Charter will not be to everyone’s satisfaction,  … Read more

Solidarity brings urgent application regarding Sasol strike

September 13th, 2018

By Mia Slabbert The Solidarity trade union today brought an urgent application in the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg to give its 180 000 members the right to strike in solidarity with Sasol employees and against racial exclusion with employee share schemes in workplaces. This comes after the National Economic,  … Read more

Open-letter: The voice of your workers is a moral accusation

September 10th, 2018

Dear Messrs Nqwababa and Cornell The voice of your workers is a moral accusation During the past week a historical event played itself out at your plants and mines. Thousands of white workers went on strike and marched because of exclusion based on race. International broadcasters and news agencies such  … Read more

Sasol employees make us proud and give us hope

August 28th, 2018

The power of pride   Dear Sasol employee and, for that matter, every other person who experiences exclusion Sometimes, you have to stand up for your pride. This is about more than just money. It is about that something upon which a future is built. A person or a community  … Read more

Not enough free market but too much state interference

August 21st, 2018

“The high cost of health care is making all of us sick. This is a worldwide problem, and there are no cheap solutions. As it is, the Americans are already spending 15% of their huge budget on healthcare, and yet it is not enough. All over the world fierce debates  … Read more

Tips: Before and during a power outage

July 31st, 2018

Ask yourself: How do I prepare food without electricity, how do I boil water, what about security, and how do I keep the children busy when there are no lights? Clearly the modern household cannot function normally without electricity anymore. It is unavoidable not to be affected by power failures  … Read more

Clean-break principle now on the cards

July 30th, 2018

Thanks to the sustained pressure Solidarity brought to bear on the Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF) an amendment to the Government Employee Pension Law could now become a reality. This comes after an agreement was reached in the Public Service Coordinating Bargaining Council (PSCB) as a result of sustained resistance  … Read more

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