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Tips: Before and during a power outage

July 31st, 2018

Ask yourself: How do I prepare food without electricity, how do I boil water, what about security, and how do I keep the children busy when there are no lights? Clearly the modern household cannot function normally without electricity anymore. It is unavoidable not to be affected by power failures  … Read more

Clean-break principle now on the cards

July 30th, 2018

Thanks to the sustained pressure Solidarity brought to bear on the Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF) an amendment to the Government Employee Pension Law could now become a reality. This comes after an agreement was reached in the Public Service Coordinating Bargaining Council (PSCB) as a result of sustained resistance  … Read more

AfriSake changes to Sakeliga

July 24th, 2018

The business rights watchdog AfriSake today launched a new phase of extensive strategies with great excitement. Founded in 2011 by leading business owners, AfriSake has grown to be a primary business rights watchdog in South Africa over the past seven years. Today, the organisation has more than 12 000 members countrywide  … Read more

AfriForum’s Bulldog sinks his teeth into animal cruelty

July 19th, 2018

By Reon Janse van Rensburg AfriForum and the National Council of Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NCSPCA) today announced at a press conference that Adv. Gerrie Nel, head of the civil rights organisation’s private prosecuting unit, will be privately prosecuting the Chairperson of the National Council of  … Read more

Petroleum Sector Wage Agreement

July 13th, 2018

On 12 July 2018 parties in the Petroleum Sector of the NBCCI have signed a wage agreement. Trade unions (Solidarity, Sacwu and Ceppwawu) have accepted the final offer made by the National Petroleum Employers Association (NPEA). The terms of the agreement are as follows: A multi-year wage agreement (2018 –  … Read more

Study fund for farm murder victims brings hope

July 4th, 2018

Farmers are close to many South Africans’ hearts and that is why Solidarity Helping Hand decided in 2017 to establish a study fund which focuses on farm communities. This fund is specifically used to care for children who have lost their parents through murders on farms so that they can  … Read more

Teachers – the salt of the earth

June 26th, 2018

By Carla Smit When I think back on my high school days there are so many happy memories. Friends, sport events, the life in our residence and my love for subjects like Afrikaans and English. However, there was one thing that did challenge me in matric – the monster called  … Read more

Day of mourning for miners places safety under the spotlight

June 22nd, 2018

Yesterday was a sad day in the history of Sibanye-Stillwater when the lives of five dedicated and hardworking miners were commemorated. Adv. Paul Mardon, Solidarity’s deputy general secretary for occupational health and safety, describes yesterday’s events as an occasion where the mine and trade unions could commiserate with the bereaved  … Read more

Fibre and Particle Wage Agreement

June 22nd, 2018

Trade unions Solidarity and UASA have accepted the final wage offer made by the Fibre and Particle Employers Association in the Fibre and Particle chamber. The terms of the agreement are as follows: Duration: The agreement shall be effective from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019. A wage increase  … Read more

The pride of so many years gone to wreck and ruin

June 21st, 2018

By Carla Smit Solidarity visited Sunningdale, a farm near Mokopane that was transferred to empowerment owners back in 2010 as part of a land reform process. Hannes Korff, the farm’s former manager, swallows back his tears when he talks about the wonderful memories he and his wife have of this  … Read more

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