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Tuesday | 20 August | 2019 Denel: High Court victory for Solidarity

Solidarity welcomes the High Court ruling that the arms manufacturer Denel must fulfil its statutory obligations to its employees on an urgent basis. Denel will now be compelled by the court to pay over the unemployment insurance and the taxes deducted from employees’ salaries over several months.   It is  … Read more

Friday | 16 August | 2019 Molefe says he’ll pay back the money

Former Eskom CEO Brian Molefe’s attorneys today said in a letter to Solidarity that they request a 30-day postponement for the payment of the R700 000 that Molefe owes Solidarity. This comes after Solidarity instructed the sheriff to proceed with the attachment of Molefe’s property. Solidarity Chief Executive Dr Dirk Hermann  … Read more

Friday | 16 August | 2019 Solidarity: All avenues are considered to fight NHI

Solidarity announced today that it is considering all avenues to fight the damaging effects the implementation of the National Health Insurance (NHI) will have.   Morné Malan, Senior Researcher at the Solidarity Research Institute (SRI) explained: “The NHI in its current format is heading for an unquestionable disaster. All medical  … Read more

Thursday | 15 August | 2019 ArcelorMittal retrenchment meeting bore no fruit

Solidarity said today it had hoped that ArcelorMittal’s (Amsa’s) second retrenchment meeting that took place today would provide greater clarity on the huge number of retrenchments Amsa may be facing. However, according to Solidarity Deputy General Secretary Marius Croucamp, the meeting did not bear any fruit. “We are not satisfied  … Read more

Tuesday | 13 August | 2019 Solidarity and AfriForum to prosecute Molefe

Solidarity and AfriForum today announced that they had approached Adv. Gerrie Nel of AfriForum’s private prosecution unit to start the process of privately prosecuting former Eskom CEO Brian Molefe. This comes after the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has not taken any steps to prosecute Molefe after a fraud charge was  … Read more

Wednesday | 07 August | 2019 Constitutional Court rules: Checkmate, Brian Molefe

Solidarity today announced that the Constitutional Court rejected former Eskom CEO Brian Molefe’s leave to appeal. Molefe was ordered to pay almost all of Solidarity’s costs. A warrant for it has already been issued and the sheriff is currently awaiting our instruction.   Solidarity will immediately institute action to collect  … Read more

Wednesday | 07 August | 2019 Government invited to Amsa retrenchment process  

Solidarity made the decision to invite the Department of Trade and Industry to the next ArcelorMittal retrenchment meeting.   The reason for the invitation is so that the ministry can get first-hand information from the company regarding the reasons for the retrenchments. Among other things, reference has been made to  … Read more

Thursday | 01 August | 2019 Unemployment even worse than the gloomy official numbers

Solidarity expressed its concern about the ongoing, seemingly never-ending increase in the unemployment rate. Solidarity also questions the methodology of Statistics South Africa (SSA), which excludes discouraged job seekers from their official unemployment measurement. Morné Malan, senior researcher at the Solidarity Research Institute (SRI) explains that there is strong evidence  … Read more

Wednesday | 31 July | 2019 Solidarity tackles Denel head-on

Solidarity today served urgent court documents on the struggling arms manufacturer Denel to force the company to pay the unemployment insurance levy and taxes that had been deducted from employees’ salaries. Solidarity also launched a process in terms of section 165 of the Companies Act to investigate the mismanagement and  … Read more

Monday | 29 July | 2019 Social crisis looming

The Solidarity Occupational Guild for Social Workers spoke out strongly against the Department of Social Development, as more subsidy payments are delayed due to negligence. The guild asked the Solidarity Research Institute to do in-depth research on the challenges being faced with subsidy payments so that we can approach the  … Read more

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