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Wednesday | 29 April | 2020 Government should look after SA doctors while favouring Cuba

The Solidarity Occupational Guild for Health Practitioners and Nurses noted the government’s import of Cuban medical practitioners, engineers and staff to fight the coronavirus in South Africa. However, this must also be seen in light of the fact that a large number of medically qualified South Africans are currently prevented  … Read more

Tuesday | 28 April | 2020 Solidarity, AfriForum against Tourism: judgement reserved

Judgement in Solidarity and AfriForum’s court case against the Department of Tourism was reserved today in the Northern Gauteng High Court. Judgement will be deliver by email to all parties within the week. This comes after the two organisations resorted to the court to ask that the Department of Tourism’s  … Read more

Monday | 27 April | 2020 Solidarity proposes those who can work healthy to return

  Solidarity today submitted proposals requesting that all employees who can work in a healthy way, be able to return to work where possible. “We are at risk of damaging the economy irreparably through a clumsy lockdown, which seriously impedes our ability to fight the battle against Covid-19. Therefore, it  … Read more

Monday | 27 April | 2020 Solidarity, AfriForum in court tomorrow: Tourism’s race fund

Solidarity and AfriForum will meet in the North Gauteng High Court tomorrow, 28 April 2020, to have the Department of Tourism’s decision to use race as criterion for awarding help during the Covid-19 crisis, reviewed. The court case will continue as scheduled after there was no political intervention by president  … Read more

Sunday | 26 April | 2020 Solidarity asks Pres: intervene in Tourism race criterion

In a letter to the President, Solidarity has requested him to intervene in the Department of Tourism’s decision to use race as criterion when awarding help during the Covid-19 crisis.   Solidarity and AfriForum will be in court on 28 April to review the Department of Tourism’s decision to use  … Read more

Friday | 24 April | 2020 Court: False allegations of racism now severely punished

On 17 March 2020, the Labour Court ruled in favour of Solidarity in a case where one of its members in the SAPS was falsely accused of racism. This came after the SAPS did not respond to a formal grievance filed as far back as 5 September 2018; therefore, Solidarity  … Read more

Monday | 20 April | 2020 Solidarity in court: Small Business Development, Tourism

The Department of Small Business Development has given Solidarity an undertaking in court papers under oath not to continue using race criteria when it grants assistance to businesses. In contrast, the Department of Tourism, also in court papers, argued that it would continue to use race as criterion for granting  … Read more

Monday | 20 April | 2020 Solidarity announces Covid-19 economic recovery plan

Solidarity today announced its Covid-19 economic recovery plan. This plan offers a comprehensive analysis of past economic crises and how South Africa’s response in the past has led to stagnation and poor growth. The plan also contains proposals on how to now take the right decisions at this critical juncture.  … Read more

Sunday | 19 April | 2020 Solidarity, Tourism Department in court over race criteria

Solidarity takes the Department of Tourism to the Gauteng North High Court on 28 April over the Department’s decision to use race as a criterion for granting aid during the Covid-19 crisis.   “This pandemic is not a crisis that only affects some people; the whole of South Africa is  … Read more

Monday | 13 April | 2020 Code of good practice for healthy work during Covid-19

Trade union Solidarity has submitted a code of good practice for healthy work, including extensive proposals to adjust the lockdown measures, to President Ramaphosa and several cabinet ministers.   These ministers include: Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma; Trade and Industry Minister Ebrahim Patel; Mineral Resources and  … Read more

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