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Sunday | 07 June | 2020 Solidarity wins case against racist SAPS members

Two members of the South African Police Service have been found guilty of several criminal charges related to false claims of racism after their former commander, Lieutenant Colonel Annemarie Oosthuizen, laid criminal charges against them. Solidarity, representing Oosthuizen, welcomes the decision of the North-West Regional Court which sat in Stilfontein,  … Read more

Thursday | 04 June | 2020 Solidarity threatens with legal action against the UIF

In a letter to the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), Solidarity today threatened with legal action should the UIF fail to take urgent steps to make payments to unemployed members properly and on time. “We are fully aware of the fact that the current pandemic placed an excessive limit on the  … Read more

Thursday | 04 June | 2020 Legal action to keep pension money away from Eskom

Solidarity today instituted legal steps to stop the exchange of Eskom debt for Eskom shares. In a letter of demand addressed to the Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF) and the Public Investment Corporation (PIC), Solidarity demanded that such plans by the PIC be scrapped. This came after the PIC indicated  … Read more

Thursday | 04 June | 2020 Solidarity’s Professional Guild for Social Workers & the SSC

Combined press release: Solidarity embarks on legal action over the reopening of nursery schools   Solidarity’s Professional Guild for Social Workers, together with the Schools Support Centre (SSC) embarked on legal action against the Department of Social Development and the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs. In a letter  … Read more

Wednesday | 03 June | 2020 Looming dissolution of Bar Council,alternative for advocates

  The Occupational Guild for Law Professionals and the Association of Lawyers for Afrikaans noted with concern the financial uncertainties surrounding the survival of the Pretoria Bar Council in its present format. Henru Kruger, sector head for professional services at Solidarity, explains: “The Pretoria Bar Council has a remarkable and exceptional  … Read more

Thursday | 28 May | 2020 Solidarity presents code of good practice to many principals

Solidarity today presented a comprehensive code of good practice to many principals and governing bodies for a responsible return to schools that will not compromise health. The Code of Good Practice provides guidelines on how to manage the Covid-19 risk and how to comply with all the relevant legislation and  … Read more

Thursday | 21 May | 2020 Application for to appeal in the BEE emergency fund matter

Solidarity and AfriForum today in the Northern Gauteng High Court served their applications for leave to appeal in their respective cases against the Department of Tourism. This comes after this department earlier announced that emergency relief to businesses in this industry that are affected by the Covid-19 crisis would be  … Read more

Thursday | 21 May | 2020 Solidarity members show up for work in protest

Solidarity members showed up for work at ArcelorMittal in Vanderbijlpark today. Their reporting for work is in protest against the lockdown regulations that have prevented hundreds of thousands of people to work. This came after Solidarity asked thousands of workers across the country to put pressure on the government so  … Read more

Tuesday | 19 May | 2020 Lockdown: Denel cannot afford salaries

Solidarity had a meeting with Denel on 18 May after receiving communication from Denel indicating that it would not be possible for the arms manufacturer to pay employee’s salaries at the end of May.   “The current lockdown measures are aggravating the situation in which Denel already finds itself. As  … Read more

Saturday | 16 May | 2020 Solidarity: plans after ConCourt on matter of race criterion

The Constitutional Court dismissed Solidarity’s application to appeal directly to this court. The application followed a ruling by the North Gauteng High Court that the use of race as criterion to determine who may receive aid during the Covid-19 crisis was justified.   However, the court has not yet given  … Read more

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