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Nowadays, so many parents are so concerned about their children’s studies; so many members of staff at universities do not know what next year holds for them; and so many students have doubts about their future in our country.

Solidarity does not waste a crisis; we are in the process of building a private Afrikaans university. Although a university may not be what you need at this stage, you can think about the future by making a contribution for future generations.

To speed up the expansion of our university we want to within one month raise one million rand through R10 rand contributions. Within a matter of months Akademia has expanded the number of its study centres to 11 countrywide and has added more fields of study to its academic offer. (Click here for more information.) Akademia’s list of planned additions to its academic offer includes many more fields of study, and the demand for Akademia’s courses grows by the day.

We simply cannot wait for someone else to build a future for our children. From now on, we have to do it ourselves. SMS the word “BUILD” to 38040, and in doing so you will be donating R10.

If the current campus situation impacts on you financially, or at an operational or logistical level and you want to speak out, click here and share your views with us.

Solidarity will compile a report for submission to the universities and disclosure to the media.

We are also going to determine what legal recourse we have so we could tackle the issue along legal avenues as well.

We cannot wait any longer for someone else to build a future for our children. We have to do it ourselves and we have to do it now. Please complete the form to pledge your contribution. It is only R10 and that is for your child’s future.

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