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1. Molefe has until 11:59 on 8 February to come up with the money he’s been ordered to pay back.

The clock is ticking.

On 25 January a major victory was obtained for Solidarity and for every taxpayer in the country. On that day, the Pretoria High Court ruled that former Eskom CEO Brian Molefe must pay back the pension of around R30 million that was awarded to him unlawfully and of which more than R10 million had already been paid out to him. This he must do within 10 days.

We firmly believe that the corruption and injustice that are paralysing the country must be exposed and we want to ensure that justice prevails. We all work hard for our money and as taxpayers we deserve to get value for our money. That is why we will keep on making noise so corruption does not escapes notice.

For the next 10 days Solidarity will bring tremendous pressure to bear on Molefe to ensure that the R10 million is paid back and that it goes back to where it belongs.

You can help us to see to it that Molefe gets prosecuted as well.
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