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5 research-backed tips on what makes a happy life

Robert John Waldinger, MD          Ever wonder what it would be like to be able to look at people’s entire adult lives? Not asking older people to remember, but starting with them as teenagers and tracking their health and well-being until they die? We’ve been lucky enough to do this  … Read more

10 habits of the most confident people

Andrew Thomas   Here are 10 ways you can develop the mindset shared by the most confident people.   Define your purpose It’s hard to be confident in what you’re doing if you’re not sure why you’re doing it. What is your purpose in work and in life? Once you  … Read more

Want to be more confident? Science says do this

Peter Economy     While it’s no secret that exercise releases a fix of dopamine in our brains to instantly make us feel happy, many people don’t realise how many ties our bodies ─ and the chemicals that regulate them ─ have to our brains. Sometimes overanalysing our mental habits,  … Read more

Why need to make that gynaecologist appointment

Anja van den Berg   Because gynaecologists deal with personal and sensitive health issues, the thought of making an appointment – especially for the first time – may be troubling to some women. You may be nervous or embarrassed, reluctant to discuss your most intimate issues with anybody. You see  … Read more

Go outside and get healthy!

Marli Naidoo     Summer is here and nature is beckoning. There is a long list of reasons why a bit (or even a lot) of time outside the house or office is physically and mentally beneficial. Sunlight on your skin activates processes in your body that leads to the  … Read more

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