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Solidarity demands that former Aurora employees now be paid after 8 years
Trade union Solidarity today directed a letter to the joint liquidators of Aurora Empowerment Systems expressing its dissatisfaction with e delays in making payment to Solidarity members and other former Aurora workers. According to Solidarity General Secretary Gideon du Plessis, those employees have already submitted their claims in the prescribed  ... Read more
Unisa-management’s unwillingness to confront racial tension – Solidarity
The trade union Solidarity today expressed its shock and disappointment on the way in which the University of South Africa (Unisa) has dealt with sensitive complaints of victimisation related to racial hatred. This follows after the trade union had been forced to take urgent steps on behalf of Prof Melodie  ... Read more
2018 Budget Speech – pipe dreams built on debt
Trade union Solidarity today expressed its discontent at the Budget Speech delivered in the National Assembly. According to Gerhard van Onselen, economics researcher at the Solidarity Research Institute, the 2018 Budget would put a further damper on economic growth. “There is no apparent deviation from the harmful ANC policy we  ... Read more
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