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The state is hijacking your health. In 2019 the threat of the NHI knocked on every South African’s door in the form of a bill that will ultimately turn NHI into law. In fighting this bill Solidarity was at the forefront! Solidarity was opposed to this legislation from day one, and we have done the research to prove that this legislation would destroy the South African health sector.

Solidarity’s research also shows that the NHI will not only make many medical professionals leave the country but also that the country will not be able to carry this economic burden.

Solidarity is ready and prepared to be your voice in the public hearings on the NHI. Give us your mandate. 100 000 voices will be heard. Together we can put a stop to the NHI.
NGV 2020
  Download Solidarity’s previous NHI reports;
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Those reports shed light on the NHI’s impact on health practitioners and what health practitioners’ views are on the NHI.

  Download the comments Solidarity submitted on the NHI; klik hier
Our input into the hearing process is based on all of Solidarity’s research and the report, which already takes on the form of court papers, has been handed in.

Solidarity will send a delegation to cast our vote at the public hearings in Gauteng which will take place between 21 and 24 February.
YOUR COMMENTS MEAN THE FOLLOWING: That you oppose the National Health Insurance; that you claim your right to quality health care; and that you say “no” to your taxes being used for a plan that will not improve, but aggravate, South Africa’s burden of disease. You further agree with Solidarity that we do not want to deprive anyone of quality care, and that poor health care and lack of knowledge regarding the use and abuse of equipment must first be resolved and addressed. You also say that the NHI will not uplift and improve medical care in South Africa; but will instead become a bigger burden for the taxpayer. You agree that you do not trust the government to manage your medical needs, and that you support this case together with Solidarity.

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