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The difference between South Africa and Zimbabwe lies with you, saying no! Your pension is a lifetime’s savings and a reckless government dare not steal it.

Although government is only making noises about it right now, and nothing material has happened, we must continue to exert pressure to prevent anything from happening.

Should anything happen we are ready for action to take government on in all spheres, including litigation in the Constitutional Court. In the meantime, don’t resign as a way of gaining access to your pension money. The last few years before retirement are the most important years for pension growth and withdrawal of your money at this stage can be to your detriment.

Solidarity has positioned itself squarely between government and your savings in this matter – and we’re going nowhere! Stop pension capture right now!
I’m a hardworking South African who has put in sweat and toil to provide for my old age. The state will not capture my savings! This is where I draw the line!
Pensioenkaping 2020
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