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The SAA already owes R33 billion and now needs another R21 billion to pay for its poor decisions and management skills. This is money you, the taxpayer will have to cough up. Moreover, retrenchments, strikes and never-ending looting have become commonplace at SAA. Solidarity is saying no! This has to stop!

Solidarity is bringing an application to place SAA in business rescue. This will be the first time in the history of South Africa that a state enterprise is placed in business rescue. To be successful, we must convince the court that taxpayers support such an application in their thousands. Solidarity needs a mandate from you which will form part of our court application. The voice of 10 000 people must be heard, and the voice of 100 000 people must be heeded.

Become part of history. Support our cause!

Follow this link to peruse our complete court documents: Click here
SAL Sakeredding Mandaat

What does business rescue mean?

If Solidarity succeeds to have SAA placed in business rescue a business rescue practitioner will be appointed to take over and manage SAA. In practice, the SAA will then be taken out of the hands of the state. This will bring an end to the uncertainty and chaos that are prevailing at SAA –which taxpayers, like you have to fund. This court application and mandate will give you a chance to join Solidarity in saying no to tax abuse and to show the court on whose behalf we are fighting.

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