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Freedom fighters who must have been as young as 14 at the time are now promoted as veterans in the SAPS.

Help us to call the SAPS to account and to lend support to those police members who deserve those positions. You can do so by signing this petition. The voice of thousands cannot be ignored.

Solidarity is taking steps on behalf of its members in the SAPS to have the secret promotion of around 600 former freedom fighters revised. People who have since died are now up for promotion. It is becoming clearer by the day that the NSF project (Non-statutory forces) is a cover to promote cadres through the various ranks to capture senior SAPS ranks.

Solidarity is bringing an urgent application before the court after the SAPS had not, by the 6 November deadline, heeded the trade union’s demands to suspend all promotions being made in terms of the project until Solidarity’s application for the review of the project was finalised by the High Court. This NSF project has been in full swing since 1 November.
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