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Solidarity to host information session for SAPS members
in the Western Cape
False complaints of racism within the SAPS is no new phenomenon. However, it is increasingly used as a weapon to evade disciplinary action in the police.

Solidarity wants to protect and serve our members in the SAPS, because every person matter.

You as member of the SAPS are directly affected by this if you are in a commanding position. Ordinary members are also affected by the fact that discipline in general is becoming weaker and this makes effective functioning in a lawless environment increasingly difficult.

Come and take Solidarity’s hand so that you can fight with us against these injustices.

Come and empower yourself with the latest information about the GEPF’s application of a clean break and how it affects you. Become part of the solution regarding the many labour law challenges there are in the workplace. Solidarity wants to support you in the workplace therefore, we invite you to attend our SAPS information session that will be hosted in the Western Cape on
16 November 2019, Vredelust NG Church, 13th ave, Boston, Bellville.

Registration for this session is already open.

Please do not miss this opportunity. All employees of the SAPS (Police Act and the Public Service Act) are welcome.

Click here for the complete programme for Saturday, 16 November.
SAPD - Ekmaaksaak (Nov2019)
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