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We, the concerned employees of Sasol:

1. Have noted with shock and concern that some of Sasol’s employees are excluded from receiving shares in Phase 2 of the Sasol Khanyisa Employee Deel hier Ownership Scheme.

2. Have further noted with shock and concern that Sasol has granted share options to the value of R106 million to all members of its top management team.

3. Are appalled by the fact that a category of employees at the lower levels is excluded from Phase 2 of Khanyisa, while Sasol sees fit to allow all top management personnel, without exception, to participate in a multimillion rand share scheme.

4. Cannot let Sasol’s hypocrisy and double standards go unchallenged.

5. Are acutely aware of the fact that such double standards are immoral. It begs the question as to why Sasol does not divide its senior management team in the same way it divides employees for the purposes of Sasol Khanyisa.

We therefore petition Sasol to:

1. Include all Sasol employees in Phase 2 of Sasol Khanyisa.

2. Not allow white employees at top management level to participate in the R106 million share scheme until all employees are included in Sasol Khanyisa Phase 2, or alternatively in a similar scheme that treats them equally to their fellow employees who are benefitting from Sasol Khanyisa in all respects.

Sasol Personeel 20180913

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