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You are invited to march in solidarity against Sasol on 25 October. Every person who joins the march makes the voice of protest bigger and stronger. March with us, become part of history – it is time make our voice heard in the world. Invite your friends, family and colleagues.

Please register to confirm your attendance. This enables us to keep you informed of all the arrangements.

Bus transport will be available from Pretoria, Secunda or Sasolburg.

Sasol Sandton 25 October

Nowadays racial discrimination under the banner of affirmative action or black economic empowerment (BEE) is considered to be “normal” in the South African labour environment. White employees at Sasol are excluded from a share scheme. Solidarity’s members at Sasol have decided to call a strike to say: Enough is enough. The reality is that the Sasol case is not an isolated case. We are all subjected to this type of discrimination. Therefore, Sasol’s protest strike is also your strike.

At Solidarity we believe that racial discrimination should never be normalised. One must stand up for one’s convictions. Over the past number of weeks, the strike enjoyed major national and international media coverage and this exerts huge pressure on Sasol. The good news is that pressure is also mounting on the South African government despite their encouragement of this type of racial exclusion. Solidarity’s complaint against the government at the UN about racial discrimination in the workplace highlighted this issue internationally, and it has generated so much criticism against the government that the Human Rights Commission in a recent report questioned the constitutionality of affirmative action.

We say that an employee’s worth should never be measured in terms of the person’s race. It simply cannot be morally justified.

Solidarity is planning a mass protest march to Sandton on 25 October where we’ll hand over a memorandum against racial exclusion to the JSE as the symbolic representative of all employers in South Africa. A further memorandum will also be delivered to Sasol’s head office in Sandton.

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