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The USA announced on 8 March 2018 that import tariffs will be introduced on steel and aluminium. These tariffs of 25% on steel and 10% on aluminium will have very adverse consequences for the South African steel and aluminium industry. The South African government’s efforts to negotiate exemption from these tariffs was unsuccessful and the tariffs came into effect on 23 March 2018.

Employees will be affected the worst in the Metal and Engineering Industries, and even in the Automotive Industry. Sources in the industry expect 7 500 job losses. Solidarity is already working on contingency plans to:

  • relieve social needs that might exist due to large-scale retrenchments; and
  • to develop long term plans to rebuild communities and industries that are affected.

Meanwhile, the trade union is launching a major campaign to see how the situation can be managed and saved on local and international level for the benefit of all the affected workers. This includes:


  • Ongoing liaison with the Department of Trade and Industry.
  • Liaison with employers and employees in the Metal and Engineering Industry.
  • Liaison with American delegates in South Africa.


  • Liaison with international labour organisations and trade unions.
  • A petition is registered on the White House’s website in the USA. This petition is addressed to President Trump and in it he is requested to reconsider trade tariffs for the steel industry.

Solidarity has registered a petition against President Donald Trump’s decision about steel trade tariffs on the website of the White House in America. As many people as possible must sign the petition before the closing date of 27 June 2018.

People working in South Africa are invited to support colleagues in the Metal and Engineering Industry by participating in our international petition to the White House.

We can show that we as South African workers can stand up against international trade bullies.








Keep up to date by reading the latest news about the SOS campaign.


  • Solidarity today confirmed that it has received a section 189A retrenchment notice for Africa’s largest steel supplier, ArcelorMittal South Africa (AMSA). The notice states that about 50 workers may be affected by this retrenchment. This follows after Wim de Klerk, Chief Executive of AMSA, announced in a statement late yesterday  … Read more

  • Trade union Solidarity launched its “Save Our Steel” campaign (SOS) at a press conference held at Akademia today. The campaign, which focuses on the challenges this industry is facing, seeks to encourage involvement that will lead to positive action to save the domestic steel industry. According to Marius Croucamp, Solidarity’s  … Read more

  • Trade union Solidarity today confirmed that it had been informed of proposed retrenchments at Girlock Brakes as the company would, for various reasons, not be able to meet its operational requirements any more. According to Marius Croucamp, Deputy General Secretary of Solidarity’s Metal and Engineering Industry, some of the reasons  … Read more


    Solidarity warns of ‘major impact’ should AMSA proceed with job cuts

    TTrade union Solidarity has confirmed receipt of a Section 189A retrenchment notice from steel producer ArcelorMittal South Africa (AMSA) and has indicated that it will enter negotiations with the company to ensure alternatives to retrenchments are considered.

    Solidarity stresses importance of saving South Africa’s steel industry

    Trade union Solidarity on Thursday emphasised the importance of South Africa’s steel industry, stating that it is a “key enabler of every part of the South African economy – including the automotive, mining, construction, energy and infrastructure sectors, all of which have been identified as major growth drivers”.


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