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    Over the past few weeks, South African universities reeled under the pressure of protests, new race quotas being applied to certain fields of study, threats of state subsidies being withdrawn should race quotas in certain study fields not be met and the chaotic conditions that prevailed during registration processes at certain campuses. Meanwhile, foreigners are being imported to fill positions in certain professions because there are not enough qualified people in South Africa to do so. At the same time, a sword is hanging over Afrikaans as language of instruction at our universities. Where will our tertiary training standards be in five years’ time?

    Solidarity is currently investigating universities’ quota provisions applicable to various study fields. Do you know of someone who is affected by quota restrictions at universities or other training institutions? Please tell us about it.


    Do you think it will still be an option during the next ten years to send your child to a state subsidised university?

    Sien Uitslae

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