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Solidarity and Virseker

Solidarity and Virseker are now jointly building a future in which children and young people can receive high quality education in Afrikaans. Do you have any questions about this partnership? Please read on.

1. How does Virseker fit in with Solidarity?

The relationship between Solidarity and Virseker is one of a shared passion for Afrikaans and of expanding training through the medium of Afrikaans. Although the Virseker trade mark does not belong to Solidarity, Solidarity is a founding member of Virseker. Solidarity’s financial services company is therefore a key player in the Virseker offer to Solidarity and AfriForum members.

2. What happens to my existing Solidarity insurance?

It remains unchanged. Virseker will, however, become the main product offered to all new customers. Existing customers must also bear in mind that Solidarity’s vehicle and household insurance and Virseker come from the same stable. Telesure is the holding company that includes various insurance brands. The service customers have become used to, will not change at all; Solidarity Financial Services will only act as intermediary for both products from now on.

3. Can I move my Solidarity insurance to Virseker? What are the implications?

It can be done but the customer would be subject to underwriting assessment again. The implications of the move would depend on the customer’s individual risk. It is again emphasised that nothing will change as far as the existing customer is concerned, and a portion of the revenue Solidarity Financial Services derives from the existing product is also used to fund Akademia, among other initiatives.

4. What do I contribute to should I make use of the Virseker product?

Virseker has established a trust and Solidarity representatives serve on its board. A portion of Virseker product’s premium income is paid to the trust to support various beneficiary initiatives that are directly linked to Afrikaans training. It is important to note that the contribution towards the trust is a concession made from the scheme and that the customer is not necessarily paying a higher premium as a result of the contribution towards the trust.

5. If I am a Solidarity member DO I HAVE to make use of the Virseker product?

There is no obligation on anyone, but taking out insurance against risks is part and parcel of ordinary life. All that is happening now is that people are channelling this inevitable expense to an initiative that uses those funds to establish sustainable institutions.

6. If I only make use of the Virseker product, do I have to join Solidarity as well?

Your joining Solidarity would be marvellous but there is no such obligation. The Solidarity Movement comprises other initiatives also worthy of support, such as AfriForum, the Solidarity Building Fund or the Solidarity Legal Fund, each of which is also driving their own focused initiatives.

7. What is the cost difference in premiums? Could someone do an analysis?

We tried to keep the product and benefits the same as those being offered by the existing product as much as possible. The difference in the premium for the same risk is minimal. During the investigating phase various scenarios and comparisons have already been investigated. A month long trial was undertaken during which Virseker was offered to Solidarity members and the success rate was very good.

8. Does Virseker offer a bilingual service?

While Virseker aims to provide an Afrikaans service to Afrikaans-speaking customers it does not preclude the same quality service to non-Afrikaans speakers

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