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Thank you for helping to keep the country’s lights on

One thing is certain – everything is uncertain! The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. Plans were made overnight to which Solidarity and its members had to adapt. The new normal sometimes has extraordinary requirements. However, Solidarity can proudly say that its members at Eskom has the ability to deal with extraordinary circumstances.

Eskom employees have faced many challenges in the past and can attest to how perseverance, resilience, and with the help of Solidarity’s faithful service, no problem is insurmountable. The men and women at Eskom who take pride in their work are not just employees – you are creators of hope in times when uncertainty is the norm. In uncertain times, ordinary people tackled extraordinary circumstances with the courage to put South Africans first.

The impossible was achieved by providing South Africans with electricity. The lights could remain on, companies that are needed to keep the economy going could continue with their services, normal people could spend valuable time with their families during the lockdown while Solidarity members at Eskom ensured that South Africa’s lights remained on – all thanks to you!

Solidarity would like to thank each and every Solidarity member and employee at Eskom.

Thank you for your sacrifice and that you are willing to put South Africa first. You make South Africa proud!

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