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We view ourselves as builders who, together with enthusiastic members, have been building a future for the past 115 years. In spite of all the uncertainty in our country, we will never stop building training institutions. We will continue creating study opportunities for members of the community. We are going to create a future through learning.

The Solidarity Helping Hand Study Fund Centre (previously known as the Afrikaans Bursary Institute) was founded in 2003 to help meet the needs of Solidarity members and their children with regard to financial assistance for tertiary training.

As far as study aid is concerned, the future looks bright with plans to develop a world-class Afrikaans school curriculum and also to further expand school support centres.


Pay a visit to the Solidarity KragDag Expo this weekend and learn more about the Building Fund at the Solidarity tent.

  With the launch of the Solidarity Movement’s future plan for 2020 at the Summit on the Future in 2015, it was announced that Solidarity will invest R3,5 billion in various projects and institutions over the next five years. The money will be used for the expansion of the Solidarity Movement’s existing training institutions Sol-Tech and Akademia. These institutions, which are a technical training college and a private Afrikaans university, focus on providing quality tertiary education to students. The Building Fund plays a crucial role in realising these goals so that Afrikaners can still live and work freely, safely and prosperously in South Africa. The Solidarity Movement realizes the need for good training in scarce skills, and the Building Fund focuses on doing something about it. Solidarity's existing training institutions, Sol-Tech and Akademia provide young people with the opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge that will enable them to flourish as a minority group in a majority society. In terms of training, Solidarity announced its five-year training plan amounting to R400 million. The announcement includes education plans from primary to university level. Part of the planning involves building a new training campus that will be the home of various training institutions. Solidarity has also announced that it will increase its study aid for its members and their children to R60 million over the next three years. The Building Fund is supported by monthly contributions from Solidarity members and supporting members of the public. Supporting members are members who support the vision of the trade union and who makes a voluntary monthly contribution to the Building Fund. Members who contributes to the Building Fund enables Solidarity to fight for the preservation of Afrikaans training at existing training institutions. Supporting members enjoy some benefits, but these exclude labour law advice, collective bargaining, permanent disability, maternity and death benefits of the Solidarity membership. Benefits for supporting members include the following:
  • 20% discount at Kokoriba, Aan de Vliet and Santana.
  • 20% discount for studying at Akademia.
  • Six free online magazines per year.
  • A free will.
  • Free advice on medical fund options.
  • Free advice and products at discounted prices from Solidarity Financial Services.
Join Solidarity and contribute to the Building Fund. SMS the word LETSBUILD to 34802.   KRAGDAG "Do your own thing!" With this slogan, KragDag focuses on an independent life through independent and sustainable solutions that does away with dependence on state-supported networks. In this regard, renewable energy and related matters play a central role, but it also provides for other aspects that make life of self-preservation and self-sufficiency possible. Here you will find solutions to the challenges of energy, water, safety, health, food, education and creative entrepreneurial living. KragDag does this through the annual outdoor expo, our cyber square market, radio stories, launching of products and relevant entrepreneurs, and the provision of information with educational, technical and interesting value. KragDag also provides a platform through which suppliers, consumers and innovative ideas are brought together. Come visit the biggest Afrikaans independence expo in the world. Pre-register at for KragDag 2017 and save R70. Have a look at the things to do at KragDag, as well as the accommodation close to the KragDag exhibition area and the list of exhibitors. Bring your family and friends to an expo with a carnival atmosphere and quench your thirst for sustainability. Look at a summary of a previous year’s KragDag Expo, click here:  
The Study Fund Centre, an initiative of Solidarity Helping Hand has been offering interest free study loans to young South Africans since 2003. To qualify yourself with a tertiary education in today’s day and age is truly a challenge. Study loans at banks carry unaffordable high interest rates and bursaries are simply unobtainable. For orphans without any support networks and many other indigent young people, the Study Fund Centre is the only hope for further education for many young people. Danie Brink, Chief Executive Officer of Solidarity Helping Hand says that the Study Fund Centre, provides the necessary help for disadvantaged students who has a financial deficit to ensure that they can study what they want to study without having finances standing in the way of their dreams. Solidarity Helping Hand’s study fund currently administrates 240 independent study funds worth R40 million with which a record number of more than 1 500 students have been helped with interest-free student loans this year. According to Flip Buys, Chairperson of the Solidarity Movement, Helping Hand has already assisted more than 5 000 students in the past five years with their studies. “The Study Fund Centre is very proud of the interest free loans’ repayment rate of 98% and believes it says a lot about the quality of students that are assisted by the Centre. Students who apply for help are selected strictly according to merit and their needs, and the pass rate among loan holders is estimated at around 90% – much higher than the national average,” said Buys. You can make a huge difference in the lives of young people by empowering them through a donation or by establishing a study fund. There are many possibilities in South Africa – a future for all – but education remains the key to success. The Study Fund Centre hopes to appropriate R100 million by 2020 to promote Afrikaans students’ access to higher education. A knock on the right door – the Study Fund Centre’s door – may break or prevent someone’s poverty. This is how Solidarity is building at our monument for Afrikaans’ future. Join Solidarity and SMS the word LETSBUILD to 34802 (R1/sms) or let us know where you would like to help us build on


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What Are We Building?


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Study assistance

Review We view ourselves as builders who, together with enthusiastic members, have been building a future for the past 115 years. In spite of all the uncertainty in our country, we will never stop building training institutions. We will continue creating study opportunities for members of the community. We are  ... Read more

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