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Hereby, I confirm that a share scheme or programme that excludes employees based on their race, is nothing but racial discrimination and racism. I support the Sasol employees who are striking about this principle. I am also fighting for a work environment where my children and I have the opportunity make a positive contribution to the workplace and South Africa’s economy without prejudice.

I SUPPORT the Sasol strikers. I say white employees are also valuable! I say STOP to racial discrimination!

Employers are increasingly in the process of implementing employee share schemes to better comply with the Broad-Based Economic Empowerment Act. Sasol decided to exclude a group of employees based on their race. A black Sasol employee, despite his years of service, receives R500 000 from this scheme and his white counterpart receives nothing. Solidarity believes that Sasol’s actions aren’t morally justifiable. People should never be mere numbers. If that happens, the group that are excluded becomes alienated. They feel that they are less worthy than their colleagues. They feel powerless and isolated. Sasol will lose the extra mile that loyal and hardworking employees are willing to walk.

Solidarity has called for a strike to force Sasol to include white employees in a share scheme. Solidarity insists that white employees should be treated with dignity and for their contributions to be recognised.

Through their share scheme, Sasol sets a dangerous precedent that affects every white employee. Solidarity calls on every white employee in South Africa to support Sasol’s employees who will soon strike and to say no to racial discrimination together with us.

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