We all have to make choices from time to time. Telkom set new threshold requirements for trade union recognition and SACU has decided to choose an alliance with the CWU. In the forthcoming negotiations, only Solidarity and the CWU alliance will participate in the negotiations.

SACU has already chosen the CWU. The question now is: Who do you choose? It is SACU’s own choice to be swallowed by the CWU but this choice should not be made unilaterally on behalf of its members. The only option left in Telkom is Solidarity or the CWU, and every member of SACU and every Telkom employee should decide for themselves: Solidary or the CWU?

Ask yourself the question: Where do I belong? Where will I feel at home? In addition to Solidarity’s representation in Telkom, we are building a new technical college and university, fighting against unfair discrimination from here to the United Nations, tackling corruption, providing study assistance of approximately R40 million a year, reaching out to poor communities, the 43 staff members in our legal department are involved in 1 200 legal cases at any given time, and a lot more.

Therefore, by joining Solidarity, you will be helping to create a future in which we and our children will be free, safe and prosperous. We would like you to be part of it.

Solidarity or CWU?
Telkom employees who are not a member of Solidarity or CWU, must choose

I choose Solidarity
Telkom - Solidarity
I choose CWU
Telkom - CWU