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Solidarity achieved great things on behalf of its members in 2019. All we can say is: Thank you! Thank you for the success that 2019 has been. We can look back on 2019 with gratitude and give you, our members and supporters all the credit.

For you are the one who defended teacher Elana in court. You gave tax plunderers like Brian Molefe a real blow, and you marched against race bullies such as Discovery. You were the ones who took the BLF on, and you joined hands to get Rene Fick reinstated in her job at the SAPS. You will make the future plans for 2030 possible. You have joined us in our building efforts so we can stay right here, and you are taking a stand against racial discrimination.

Thank you for your support in 2019. We wish you and your family a blessed Christmas. Give your family the greatest gift, and that is the gift of quality time.

We have great plans for 2020. Become part of those plans by joining Solidarity! Join our community and start building a South-Africa where you can be free, safe and prosperous!
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