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2017-09-15_(Eng)_DIRK_JacarandaFM_op briefhoof

Update: Read Solidarity’s memorandum to JacarandaFM here

We are citizens; not problems!

Rhetoric is such in South Africa that white people, and Afrikaners in particular, are regarded as problems. Statements made by Zuma and all the way to Malema reflect this rhetoric.

Tumi also articulated this sentiment when she stated that the bully had to be punished. This way of thinking is one that insists on redress or retribution to make another section of the population feel better.

When there is real and justified anger about the statements, it is denounced and rejected as extremist while contending that this section of the population has no right to be angry.

This is not how we will go forward in South Africa. We agree that we have to talk.

Afrikaners are part of the solution and are not the problem. We are trying to make this country work; we are in this country and of this country.

Listen to how Tumi has expressed her feelings about white people:

Give us a mandate to lay a complaint at Jacaranda tomorrow.

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