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New bully culture against minorities in SA

On 13 September, Tumi Morake compared white people after apartheid to playground bullies who eluded their deserved punishment. This follows shortly after the Spur debacle where the Spur restaurant group didn’t treat two customers who fought, the same based on their race.

Statistics of the Institute of Race Relations shows that South Africans get along well and that we feel we need each other. The handling of cases where racial tension steps forward are still a challenge because everyone isn’t judged by the same yardstick.

The perception that racism is a one-way street which harms only the majority, is simply wrong. Unfortunately, this perception is strengthened by a consistent pattern of double standards when handling race related issues. South Africans need a consistent yardstick whereby everyone can be judged.

Solidarity is going to approach the Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) to ask for a public discussion as starting point, to try and find a solution for this issue. As input for the discussion, Solidarity is going to submit a qualitative research report at the HRC that will analyse various case studies and people’s reactions to it. Solidarity requests as many as possible South Africans to participate in the research.

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