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My I discuss my salary with my colleagues?

Employees’ employment contracts often include a clause that their service conditions (including remuneration) may not be discussed with colleagues. Is such a clause enforceable? Section 78 of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act No. 75 of 1997 states the following:             (1) “Every employee has the right to – …(b)  … Read more

Difference between family violence and harassment

Sanette Viljoen   On a daily basis there are people who suffer from the consequences of emotional and physical abuse, but do not know what they can do to prevent it. Two options are available. The victim can apply for a protection warrant or a warrant from harassment. Most people  … Read more

UIF for my employees

Sanette de Jager   –           What is UIF? UIF is the abbreviation for the Unemployment Insurance Fund. Many owners of small businesses are under the impression that due to the size of their business they need not pay UIF. However, the Act compels all employers to pay UIF. When an  … Read more

To how many leave days are employees entitled?

Lize-Mari Labuschagne We will look at what legislation says about the different categories of leave and also at the relevant stipulations. The leave discussed here, are the minimum requirements laid down by law. This legislation regarding leave is based on the Basic Conditions of Service Amendment Act (Act 75 of  … Read more

Maternity leave for a stillbirth?

Deon de Jager   I recently received an interesting enquiry. “I recently gave birth to a baby. Unfortunately it was a stillbirth. Am I entitled to any maternity leave?” For many people this question has to do with an unusual situation, but it occurs regularly and is often handled wrong  … Read more

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