Since last year’s #feesmustfall and this year’s campaigns about outsourcing, peaceful campus life, as most former students knew it, has degenerated into violent protests and widespread disruption on various campuses across South Africa. All the various issues that “must fall,” including Afrikaans, are mere guises of bigger issues.

Solidarity regularly responds to campus matters and we have your best interests at heart. For this reason, we created this portal where all news from the various campuses can be shared on one platform.

Meaningful jobs are Solidarity’s core business. Your work is our work. We also know that our members chose a career at a university because that is what constitutes a meaningful job to each of them. It is therefore difficult to do your job to the best of your ability under such difficult circumstances.

You can help us restore order on our campuses by giving us a mandate to represent you in your workplace.

  1. Do share the latest events and any irregularities that impact your work at the university with us. All input will be treated anonymously.
  2. Refer your colleagues by entering their name and contact number here, and we will contact them.

Your campus, your work, your safety.








UP queries
Dear Solidarity Member Since the Solidarity Movement last week in Centurion announced its 10-point plan to deal with the crises in the university sector, it has been inundated by numerous enquiries. We share your concerns and frustration about the situation that is prevailing on campuses countrywide and we have already  ... Read more
Solidarity Movement announces 10-point plan on university sector
On Wednesday, in Centurion, the Solidarity Movement will announce its 10-point plan regarding the crises in the university sector. The Solidarity Movement, which includes Solidarity, AfriForum, AfriForum Youth and Solidarity Helping Hand, insists, among other things, that the universities should be reopened immediately after the recess. The Movement represents thousands  ... Read more
UFS receives second blow regarding language policy
A bench of the Bloemfontein High Court today ruled that the University of the Free State (UFS) may not implement its new language policy before the university’s appeal against an earlier ruling in favour of Solidarity and AfriForum has been concluded. In July this year, the High Court ordered the  ... Read more
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