Solidarity accepts 10,5% increase in Telkom

Maandag, Julie 21st, 2008

The drawn-out wage negotiations in Telkom that continued since November last year were concluded. This comes after trade union Solidarity managed to reopen wage negotiations amidst a three year wage agreement. Solidarity accepted an average wage increase of 10,5% for all its members in Telkom.

In terms of the new agreement, the union’s members will receive an increase of between R852,26 and R1 671,50 per month, depending on the member’s job level. Members’ standby allowance will also increase by 10,5% to R443,00 per week. The increase will be implemented backdated to 1 April 2008.

The reopening of the wage negotiations comes after Solidarity approached the telecommunications giant to reopen the agreement signed in 2006 for the period April 2006 to March 2009. In terms of the agreement, negotiations had to be reopened if a 3% increase or decrease in the consumer price index (CPIX), tariff increases or market shifts occurred between 1 April 2006 and 31 March 2009. Because such movements did take place since 1 April 2007, the negotiations were reopened.

“In terms of 2006 agreement, employees would have received an increase of 6,25% from 1 April this year. Although it was a good increase when the original agreement was signed, the economic circumstances have changed drastically since then.

“Solidarity not only managed to reopen the negotiations amidst difficult economic times, but also managed to negotiate financial relief for its members,” said Solidarity spokesperson Jaco Kleynhans.

The other unions in Telkom – CWU en SACU – however didn’t accept the offer.

Jaco Kleynhans
Spokesperson: Solidarity