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About us


Our goal

Solidarity’s goal is that everyone who wants to work, must be able to work well and reach their full potential.
Not only work, but work well
However, we do not want people to merely have job; we want them to have a good job and work well. Having a good job and working well means you are happy in your work, treated fairly and not discriminated against. To work well means your work must be satisfying for you and that you experience fulfilment in your calling. The working conditions must be advantageous so that you can do your job well and reach your full potential. If a government follows an unfair ideology and a policy that inhibit your freedom to work, we will fight them with everything in our power.
Not only working well, but full potential
Merely working well is not good enough either. We want our members to reach their full potential. Of course, achieving your full potential means creating a safe work environment, free from unfair restrictions, injustices and discrimination. However, it starts much earlier. It already starts at school when the right subjects, career paths and study opportunities are chosen. It is about the ability to study and about the place where one studies. It is also about promotion opportunities, job opportunities and new job opportunities. This especially includes continuous learning to keep developing your potential and to always be at the forefront of your profession. Finally, it is also about fighting and eliminating the barriers that stand between you and your full potential, such as racial policies.
Working and learning
Solidarity believes everyone who wants to work, must be able to work well and that people must be able to reach their full potential. People are only truly free if they are free to work. We believe knowledge is a prerequisite for working well and that is why Solidarity assists in building knowledge institutions.
Solidarity believes every person receives his/her calling from the Lord. We will help people to pursue their calling. The Lord also provides a future there where He calls us. The more we do what we should do, the more certain we become of our promised future.
Mutual recognition and respect
Solidarity believes South Africa is a community consisting of a great variety of communities. A relationship of mutual recognition and respect must exist between these communities. Solidarity believes in protecting the beautiful horizontal relationships in South Africa and in opposing the toxic political relationships.
Solidarity works from a Christian foundation. Our Christian viewpoint also determines our view of work. Work is noble and equal in the Lord’s eyes. Therefore, we do not believe in a class system but in a talent system in which people receive recognition and are appreciated.
Community federalism - we decide and do it ourselves
Solidarity believes in a dispensation in which communities can make decisions on the lowest level possible and fulfil the responsibility of carrying out these decisions. This is opposed to the idea of state centralism that tries to rule and control from a central point of power. Community federalism need not wait for the government for approval, but will do and act by itself. The power of the community is stronger than the authority of the state.