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Solidarity publishes tender document indicating Eskom skills shortage

Solidarity today published a tender document indicating that Eskom is looking for critical skills. These include project managers, maintenance managers and expertise in returning generating units to service at power stations. Solidarity published this document in response to the claim by Eskom’s head of human resources that no skills shortage...

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Solidarity is your partner,
your older brother in the workplace, as it were – the one who has been protecting its members against exploitation in the workplace since 1902, and who also assists them throughout their careers.

Solidarity’s success lies in a total network of work . It comprises the various work-related institutions Solidarity has built over the past 20 years that are all linked in order to accompany a member on his or her entire career path. Solidarity currently offers a dependable service to approximately 200 000 members in all occupational fields, collectively and professionally, and it has the passion and knowledge to take care of its members’ interests and to ensure that their rights are protected in the workplace.

Solidarity has more than 20 offices countrywide that serves hundreds of thousands of members. With assistance just around the corner, Solidarity wants to equip its members and the community to be stronger in the new world of work. Simply put, Solidarity wants to provide its members with the assistance they need.


Employment protection
We ensure fairness by acting as watchdog for the interests of every occupation concerned. In addition to protection in the workplace, you also enjoy protection and support within their professions. Members will be empowered to take responsibility for themselves and for helping each other.
Preparing for employment
Solidarity focuses on development and presenting career-specific training and information that will empower members to network within their profession, discuss trends and find solutions to unique career challenges. In addition, the opportunity to seek employment or to pursue continuing education is at your fingertips.
Employment community
Occupational communities have the ability to exploit mutual power. One of the most important ways to help each other is to network, do business with each other, support training, employ each other and facilitate employment on a major scale.
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