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Sale in controlling share of SAA welcomed

Solidarity welcomes the sale of a controlling share in South African Airways to private shareholders. “From the outset, Solidarity has stated unequivocally that private ownership is the only conceivable way forward for South African Airways. In fact, in business plans contained in Solidarity’s business rescue court documents, it was clear...

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Solidarity is your partner,
your older brother in the workplace, as it were – the one who has been protecting its members’ rights against exploitation in the workplace since 1902, and who also assists them throughout their careers.

Solidarity's success lies in a total network of work. In short, a Solidarity NetWork. It comprises the various work-related institutions Solidarity has built over the past 20 years that are all linked so as to walk the entire journey of work with a member. Solidarity currently offers a dependable service to approximately 200 000 members in all occupational fields, collectively and professionally, and has the passion and knowledge to look after its members’ interests and to ensure that their rights are protected in the workplace.

Solidarity has more than 20 offices countrywide that serves hundreds of thousands of members. With assistance just around the corner, Solidarity wants to equip its members and the community to be stronger in the new world of work. Simply put, Solidarity wants to provide its members with the assistance they need.


Labour Services
Trade union Solidarity’s main purpose is to protect its members in the workplace. Solidarity’s Labour Services Division offers protection to thousands of collective and individual members in various industries nationwide.
Solidarity Industries
Solidarity organizes collectively in various South African industries which includes Mining, Metal and Engineering, Agriculture, Aviation, Chemical and University Affairs. They also represents individual members working in different workplaces across the country.
Solidarity Legal Services
Solidarity’s legal department is the largest of its kind in all South African trade unions and one of the largest labour law practices in South Africa.
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