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The following is a summary of the benefits attached to membership of Solidarity. These are subject to the constitution and policy of the union as well as the rules contained in the Rule Book and may be amended by the Executive Council of Solidarity without prior notice. Click here to read the Solidarity Membership guide.

Solidarity members can enjoy a range of benefits for their monthly subscription fee. All benefits are subject to Solidarity's terms and conditions.

Work-related Legal Aid

Solidarity provides a telephonic legal aid service to members.

Free legal representation for work-related labour cases referred to the CCMA or Labour Court.

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Labour Court:

Solidarity's Labour Court Division offers an extensive range of employment-related services to Solidarity members. This division deals with labour disputes of Solidarity members that have to be determined in the Labour Court. In addition, the division deals with discrimination and unfair dismissal cases as well as contractual claims.

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Study Benefit


Sol-Tech is Solidarity's occupational training institution offering scarce skills training in technical disciplines. Sol-Tech offers training in the following trades: Electrician, Millwright, Diesel Mechanic, Fitter and Turner, Welder, Fitter and Tool and Die Maker, and Tractor Mechanic. Members' children get preference in the selection process provided space is available.

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Solidarity’s centre for continued learning there to help working people reach their career goals.


Maternity Assistance

A maternity assistance for every confinement is paid to female members with 12 months' continuous Solidarity membership. All claims must be submitted within six months after the date of confinement.

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Advice on Civil Law

Solidarity provides telephonic advice on civil law matters to members.

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Study Funding

For Solidarity members and their dependent children, Solidarity membership means additional points when they apply to Solidarity Helping Hand's Study Fund Centre for financial aid for tertiary studies. Solidarity Helping Hand annually provides interest free study loans to the value of millions of rands to help deserving students who would otherwise not have been able to study.

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Collective Bargaining

Skilled and experienced Solidarity staff negotiate collectively for better conditions of service and salaries for collective members at companies where the trade union has a collective agreement.

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Occupational Health & Safety

Solidarity provides assistance with investigations by the Medical Bureau for Occupational Diseases and Benefits of the Compensation Commissioner, Rand Mutual and FEMA. Work-related disability claims are also dealt with. The protection of our members in the workplace before and after workplace injuries is crucial to us.

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Permanent Medical Disability Assistance

A once-off payment for permanent medical disability in the overall labour market is payable to members with 12 months' uninterrupted Solidarity membership. All claims must be submitted within six months from the date on which permanent medical disability was determined. For the payment amount, please call 0861 25 24 23 or your nearest service centre.

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Recognition of Previous Membership

New members at collective companies who can prove membership of another trade union until just before joining Solidarity are immediately entitled to all benefits, with the understanding that if any member was, upon joining, already involved in litigation or a dispute, the benefits of membership may be limited as the Executive Council sees fit.

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Funeral Assistance

Qualifying* Solidarity members receive a comprehensive funeral assistance that also includes his or her spouse/nominated spouse/life partner and dependent children younger than 21 years. All claims must be submitted within six months after the death of the member/spouse or dependants.

*Members who join at the age of 50 or older and are not employed at a collective company, do not qualify for the funeral benefit.

0861 25 24 23 or your nearest Solidarity service office

For more information towards the funeral assistance click here.

Weekly Newsletter

Solder is Solidarity's weekly newsletter that is e-mailed to members. It contains news regarding the latest developments at Solidarity and in the South African labour market.

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Solidarity will draw up a will for members free of charge, and also store it free of charge.

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Solidarity members may compile a CV free of charge on the Solidarity World.



Solidarity’s centre for continued learning there to help working people reach their career goals.



Werknet is an Afrikaans job seeking portal. It is an interactive electronic platform where job seekers can upload their CVs and seek jobs, and where employers can advertise available positions and look for suitable candidates. Solidarity Helping Hand is not a staff placement and recruitment agency and does not accept responsibility for the selection and placement process.

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Job contracts

Solidarity provides legal advice for its members regarding any job contract, irrespective of where the member is employed.

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Holiday benefit

All fully paid Solidarity members receive 20% discount a tour selected holiday resort. Members can go to Kokoriba near Brits in the Bushveld, or to the Santana Beach Resort on Margate’s main beach. This benefit does not apply over Easter weekends, or from 1 December – 10 January. Terms and conditions apply.

Membership discount on reservations made at Santana Holiday Resort will only apply until 30 November 2021. This holiday benefit will fall away at the end of 2021.

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Kraal Uitgewers, a publisher that is part of the Solidarity Movement, offers Solidarity members free membership of the Kraal Club. Kraal Club members receive 10% discount on publications of Kraal Uitgewers.


Discounts on selected shows

From time to time, Solidarity members get discounts on selected shows. Members are notified of these offers through social media and in Solder.

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